Toshiba preview a new 7 inch Windows tablet, the Encore 7

This week is Computex one of the largest technology shows in the world and this year Microsoft announced a range of new Windows device including new Windows Phones and new tablets.

For me the one of most interesting devices was the new Toshiba Encore 7″ which has been co-developed with Microsoft and Toshiba and will be priced competitively against over 7 inch tablets, it takes advantage of the lower hardware specs of Windows 8.1 and has 1GB RAM, Intel Atom Z3735, 16GB SSD drive and have a low resolution display of 1024×600. It has a microSD card slot for extra storage which will probably be needed with just 16GB of storage. The tablet isn’t going to set the world on fire but Microsoft do need to have a tablet that can compete against the wide range of low cost Android tablets and would be very interesting if they could get to the £99 price point.

You can ready about some of the other devices Microsoft talked about during the keynote on the Technet blog.

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