Raspberry Pi

Raspbmc the dedicated XBMC build for the Raspberry Pi has had its June update. This month the update is fairly small but it does include the latest version of XBMC 13.1 and fixes for audio issues.

To get the update just reboot your Raspberry Pi.

Raspbmc’s June update is small, but sweet. Here’s what’s new:

XBMC 13.1 final with a ton of fixes for some of the bugs introduced in Gotham:

Fix resume point of certain PVR items

Fix issues with UPNP

Fix crash after AirPlay finishes

Fixes for FLAC tracks with embedded images

Fixes for M4A and MP4 playback

Fix a minor memory leak

Use a unique client broadcast ID in the PVR API

Some fixes for improving support using external soundcards (HifiBerry and iqAudio), see this thread here

Reverted to ext4 as the default filesystem for Raspbmc. ext4 provides better data redundancy and is more compatible with Linux systems for those wishing to backup or transfer data.

Fix issue where XBMC will keep telling user a new version is available.

Fixes for some issues with 3D content

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