The My Movies team have release a few updates to My Movies since we last talked about it here on TDL. Build 4, 5 and 6 of My Movie for Windows 5.00 have a long list of fixes that improve on the previous releases and improve the stability of the platform.

My Movies 5 brings together My Movies Collection Manager, My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Home and Essential Solution into one product. So you get the benefits of the server version including disc copying, video conversions and mobile services into the Windows version. Download the latest version from

Release Notes:

My Movies for Windows 5.00 Build 6

Fix: We made a mistake affecting users when creating new databases. Sorry.

My Movies for Windows 5.00 Build 5

Fix: The Collection Management application could crash using the connect to dialog, if the server could not be logged into.
Fix: Folder monitoring on WHS could add duplicate titles under some specific circumstances.
Fix: Folder monitoring could crash if an invalid title existed in the internal database.
Fix: There was a problem with using the change data function, and changing to a manual typed title.
Fix: The filter editing dialog could have ratings that were listed duplicated.
Fix: If the video converter and disc copier had same folder selected, the conversions would fail with an error.
Fix: Blu-ray 3D tickbox was available for disc titles there were not Blu-ray.
Fix: Changes to folder monitoring to better handle operating on shares on local folders.
Fix: An exception could occur when opening TV episode details.
Fix: Changing language to English, and contributing English for TV Series, was not possible if the language didn’t exist for the Series.

My Movies for Windows 5.00 Build 4

Change: Some minor adjustments to when a title gets a 1080 and 720 badge.
Change: The installer now catches a reboot required error code and informs user.
Change: Updates to functionality details dialog.

Fix: Changes to Media Center start menu was not applied correct.
Fix: If there was a broken database creation, it could leave behind a directory that gave problems when creating a new database.
Fix: It was not possible to select audio and subtitle languages in extender transcoding configuration.
Fix: If the user changed credentials for a server, it gave issues connecting.
Fix: Users with Dune meta-data enabled, and a local path selected for storage could get a prompt for missing external credentials.
Fix: The installer attempted to enable file streaming when installing as client, if the database server was previously installed.
Fix: Some machines did not have public videos and public music configured correct, which could lead to an install error.
Fix: Monitoring now warns if there is a path that it cannot access.

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