The Windows Store version of Media Browser has been updated with some nice new features. There is support for 480p and 720p transcoding, multipart-video support, MOV file support and new navigation buttons. There are also fixes for audio playback, media folders and a fix for the live tile.

There are Media Browser clients for Windows Media Center, Windows Phone, Android, iOS and the browser and makes a great system for storing are consuming media in your home.

The app costs £3.19 from the Windows Store and you can find the Media Browser server


New release, v1.8.0
Glad to announce that today we’ve released a new version of the Windows 8.1 app.

What’s new:
Basic Multipart-video support
Support for 480p -720k transcoding
Hide Music-Section when no music is available
Support for .mov files
Navigation buttons (Up,down,left,right,Select,Back,Home) on remotecontrol view if the client supports it.


Fix for audioplayback
Correct sorting of Media Folders
Fix for LiveTile

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