The My Movies team have new pre-release version of My Movies 5 available for download. This build has an option for professional installers to setup for auto updating to My Movies 5, there are performance updates for the API, database optimization and lots of bug fixes.

My Movies is a great system for ripping, storing and managing your movies and you can get the new version from the My Movies download page.

5.00 Pre Release 9:

Added: Professionals can now mark prior installations for automatic updates, and the software will then auto-purchase an upgrade license when My Movies 5 is installed.

Change: Performance of returning images in API.
Change: Extention of database optimization.
Change: The software no longer asks to confirm credentials for single-element locations.
Change: Personal data for Disc Titles is now saved together with rest of the data for the disc title.

Fix: About page in Windows Media Center showed My Movies 4 and not 5.
Fix: In some situations, the client PC could try to upgrade the server database.
Fix: In case of login problems, the database upgrade could be attempted more than once.
Fix: External credentials dialog could fail if not all credentials was added.
Fix: There could be issues storing drive configuration in some situations.
Fix: On disc title updates, the compare dialog contained a broken image.
Fix: Error when updating TV Series made it look like there was always new updates.
Fix: Person and role image sometimes got mixed up on update of person data.
Fix: Role information for TV Series characters is now updated with Series update.
Fix: Parental Controls were not available in settings when Windows Media Center was not present.
Fix: Discs could start to copy, even when the disc copier was not enabled.
Fix: Dune meta-data storage could not handle multiple elements having the same title.
Fix: Change in the GetTitleList API XML could cause problems for remote control drivers.
Fix: There was a problem in the migration function causing some images used for the API to not be generated for TV Series. Users affected can use the optimize database option, or restore a prior database.
Fix: Various issues with poster language contribution.
Fix: Migration message dialog did not open on top of the splash screen, and could be invisible.
Fix: Monitoring had problems with using folder configuration on Windows Home Server and Server 2012 Essentials

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