Raspberry Pi

Raspbmc is a great distribution of XBMC for the Raspberry Pi and it’s just been updated. It’s been a few months since the last updated and this build includes a development version of XBMC Gotham (13) which brings a lot of changes including:

  • iOS 7 AirPlay issues are fixes
  • Support for Raspberry Pi sound cards including Wolfson Pi Module, HiFiBerry sound cards, iqAudio sound card.
  • Hardware accelerated resampling and downmixing
  • Improved DVD player using OMXPlayer acceleration
  • Support for encrypted DVD via an external drive, so you should be able to connect up an external DVD player and play DVDs
  • Fix for Heartbleed vulnerability

There are other improvements in the update which you can get by rebooting your Raspberry Pi, you can get new the new features by switching to the Gotham-Raspbmc-Release from Raspbmc’s settings.

If you don’t have Raspbmc you can find the download links and the release notes on raspbmc.com

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