OpenELEC have released Beta 6 of OpenELEC 4.0 the embedded XBMC distribution. This build has the latest XBMC 13 (Gotham) beta 4 included in it as well as a new kernel, fixed WLAN drivers, experimental ALSA support for the Raspberry Pi and experimental 4K support for supported platforms.

It should be to long of the release candidate of OpenELEC Beta 4. More details and the download links at OpenELEC.TV

Updated and changed Components since OpenELEC-3.95.5 (summary)

update to xbmc-13-482ccd3 (XBMC 13 beta4)

update to bcm2835-bootloader-29dca67

update to bcm2835-driver-29dca67

update to openvpn-2.3.3

update to libva-driver-intel-1.3.0

update to libva-1.3.0

update to xorg-server-1.15.1

update to xproto-7.0.26

update to linux-3.14.1

update to wlan-firmware-0.0.19

update to elfutils-0.158

update to libdrm-2.4.53

update to bluez-5.17

update to dvb-firmware-0.0.39

projects/RPi/patches/linux: update RPi support patch

xorg-server: add support for 4k output

Radeon: More PLL finetuning

SAMSUNG remote keymap update

RTL8192DU: remove overlapping usbid’s

projects/RPi/options: enable experimental ALSA support

linux: update PLL numbers patch

xbmc: add RPi backports patch

remove package ‘RTL8723AU’, seems to be not needed actually

new package: add package ‘RTL8812AU’

alsa-utils: add upstream patches, thanks to Anssi

projects/*/linux: disable CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK

projects/*: switch to kernel R8188EU driver

xf86-video-nvidia: fix acpi support

xbmc-pvr-addons: add PR288

xbmc-pvr-addons: update to xbmc-pvr-addons-82dd3c4

RTL8192CU: add 050D:21F2 device id, this should fix #3081

projects/*/linux: (re)enable userspace firmware loader support, this should fix #3083

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