There is a new version of the official XBMC Remote for iOS in the iTunes Store. Version 1.5 of the app now has live TV access from the EPG menu so you can control live TV running on XBMC as well as have access to the EPG, PVR recordings and timers. Other changes include custom URL handling, UI improvements and bug fixes.

The XBMC Remote app is free from the iTunes Store.

What’s New in Version 1.5

Hi all! 1.5 version change log:

– live TV access from the app main menu with Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) support
– access to XBMC PVR Recordings *
– access to XBMC PVR Timers list **
– When using the software remote control, long press the bottom movie/tv/picture button to activate PVR related windows on screen
– The iPad now has clean audio & video library buttons
– added custom URL handler “xbmcremote” so that other apps and urls can now open this app
– mark as watched/unwatched library items
– changes to XBMC settings can now be made in-app from the “more” button in the right drawer
– create remote control custom buttons in the right drawer from XBMC settings, as well as programs, video  and audio add-ons
– app is now 64bit native
– fixed remote control DVD menu navigation
– fixed displayed language name on subtitles and audio streams information
– fixed subtitles search: support added for the new XBMC Gotham subtitle system.
– solved minor bugs here and there 🙂

* due to the initial support stage, start playback of a PVR recording from within the app is possible only with the PVR add-ons that are able to provide the link to the files.
** due to the initial support stage, PVR timers aren’t editable within the remote app

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