[Updated with screenshot from Microsoft]

One surprising announcement during Microsoft’s Build event today was that the Start Menu is coming back to Windows. In a future update to Windows 8.1 and not in the update coming next week Microsoft will bring back the start menu and the ability to have Windows Store apps work in a Windows. The Start Menu looks like a hybrid of the old Windows 7 start menu and part of the Windows 8 start screen with live tiles and app shortcuts.

The missing Start Menu is one of the biggest complaints about Windows 8 and bringing it back may help bring sell Windows 8, personally I don’t miss the Start Menu on my tablets or my laptop but I do understand the need to bring it back. Having Windows Store apps run in a Window will make desktop users happy and marks a real turnaround from the Metro vision, it definitely a sign that Microsoft are listening to user feedback in a way they never did under previous management.

We don’t know when the update will be release, my guess would be some time in the autumn. What do you think? Is this a backwards step or the right thing to do?

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