We haven’t talked about MediaPortal for a while and over the weekend MediaPortal celebrated its 10th anniversary with a new release of MediaPortal 2. This is still a development build but there are some new features as well as a bug fixes.

There are new themes which include a 10th Anniversary theme and a larger font size theme for small screen devices. This build also have an improved media sources configuration making it easier for new users, WASAPI support for high quality audio output and initial support for Trakt.tv.

You can read the full list of changes and get the anniversary build from team-mediaportal.com.


Compared to Alpha 4 this release brings new features, usability improvements and of course some bug fixes.

Improved user experience:

Reworked the configuration of Media Sources (aka “shares” in previous releases) so that configuration for new users should be more intuitive

New themes

Added a brand new “10th Anniversary” theme for Titanium skin

Added themes for Titanium that use larger font sizes, bringing better readability on smaller screens

New features and plugins

Added “Refreshrate Changer” (aka DRC in MP1). It switches your display into a mode that matches your currently playing video rate

Added initial support for Trakt.tv (scrobbling, sync MP2 library to Trakt). More developments will follow in future releases

Added WASAPI support for BassPlayer. This enables high quality audio output for your HTPC


Browsing network shares could fail under certain cases

Fixes in the MediaPortal UPnP library, added an option to limit binding to specific IP addresses

Improvements to Series and Movies detection

Updated plugins

OnlineVideos plugin is included in this release

SlimTV plugin (both NativeTV and MPExtended) has been significantly improved since Alpha 4 release

More plugins are available! (via our MP2 Plugins Downloads section on the website and forum)

WebRadio plugin to play your favourite web radio streams inside MP2!

New Cinema plugin to show all running movies in your favourite cinemas including playback of trailers

New Application Launcher plugin

WiFi configuration plugin (included)

CEC remote plugin allows controlling MP2

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