As well as a feature rich new version of the Media Browser Sever there is also an updated iPad app on the way. On the Media Browser site the developers have published some of the details. The developers say this updated focuses on app speed improvements using various techniques including media caching, fast scrolling, improved navigation and local search.

The central theme that we focused on for this application was speed, speed, speed.

Media Caching
All media information is cached using a combination of both disk and memory caches. On startup we prime our memory caches with our disk cached media list information for a given server. This allows lightening fast loading of our media lists across tabs.

This makes or breaks the app; we have users with 1000s of movies and scrolling through them should be lighting fast. Jaggedness or choppiness will kill the user experience. Besides caching the media list we also aggressively cache all images into memory mapped files for the fastest retrieval was can possibly achieve. This results in a silky smooth scrolling experience.

This is a subtle thing that can make for awful experience: opening a page and being stuck at a spinner. When you navigate between pages in our app we try avoid blocking the user. If data is required for a given view we try really hard to show what data we have available and then load the additional data in the background.

The UI has been improved reducing the steps you need to take to navigate around the app. The changes should make the app much faster to navigate around and be in the app store at the end of next week.


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