As well as an updated Media Browser Server we have a new version of the Windows Phone 8 edition of Media Browser. The app has a pretty significant update with some interesting new features. The app now supports live TV from a Media Browser server so you can stream live TV to the app as well as schedule recordings and view TV series.

For Windows Phone 8.1 users there is a transparent live tile, a small change but it looks much better on a Windows Phone running 8.1. There is also localisation, background artist on the now playing music screen, video seeking when streaming video and many other changes.

The live TV update makes it a very handy update.Read about the changes on the Media Browser site and you can find the app in the Windows Phone Store for only £0.79.

What’s new?
– Video seeking when streaming video to the app
– “Play on” button moved to app bar
– Now Playing bar in the app for easier access (when listening to music only)
– Added the “Upcoming” section for TV Collections
– Added artist background image to now playing screen (music)
– Added support for Live TV (requires additional server configuration)
– Local trailer support
– Localisation
– Transparent tile option for WP8.1 users.

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