DVBLogic have released DVBLink version 5 public beta for testing. The new version of the DVBLink product suite has a new grid like EPG for the browser, support for video transcoding of live and recoreded TV on NAS devices, Windows and Linux and support for streaming multiple channels from the same transponder so you should be able to stream channels that share a transponder using only a single tuner which is something I have wanted to see for a while.

There is also a server monitor, social media integration and lots more. Windows, Linux and Synology platforms are supported and you can download the beta from DVBLogic’s forums.

So what is new in this version? Here is the list covering the most important additions:

Grid like EPG interface for a web browser

Support of video transcoding for live and recorded TV on Windows, Linux and NAS platforms

Transcoded live and TV recordings playback in web browser on all client platforms – Linux, Mac, Windows

Streaming multiple channels from the same transponder for DVBLink TVSource

Server streaming activity monitoring interface

Social network integration to share your impressions about programs and/or recordings

Download daemon for xmltv source

Recording schedules based on search pattern

Internet update for transponder files and other DVBLink resources

And a lot of other smaller, but still important updates, features and fixes

Platforms, included in the first beta

First beta includes Windows, Ubuntu x86 and all supported Synology platforms.

Where to download

The v5 beta installers can be downloaded from our forums.

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  1. One point to note. Streaming multiple channels from the same transponder for DVBLink TVSource doesn’t work for Media Center

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