There is a great new version of the Media Browser client for XBMC called XBMB3C. The XBMC addin is a client for Media Browser and you can use it to watch TV and other media from a Media Browser server.

There are a lot of changes to the latest build which can read more about it on the MediaBrowser blog and you can find the addin in the XBMC repo.

– Added remote control from other clients (null_pointer)
– Added trailer support (im85288)
– Added Couch Potato trailer integration (im85288)
– Updated to support server security update (xnappo)
– Server path substitution support (im85288)
– Added premier date and airtime to Upcoming TV (im85288)
– Added in-progress Movie and Episode entry points (im85288)
– Added percent text to in-progress items (null_pointer)
– Aeon Nox widget mods (Recently Added Moves/Episodes, NextUp Episodes) (xnappo)
– Added offer delete on episode played option (xnappo)
– Added optional progress dialog for large collections (null_pointer)
– Various improvements to data presentation (all)

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