Google don’t have an official Windows 8 app for its’ Google Play Music service but there is an excellent 3rd party app. Outcoldplayer is a renamed and updated version of GMusicW that enables you to play music from your Google Play Music collection and has features like caching of music locally, search using the Windows Search Charm, Live tile support and back ground playback support.

As well as the renaming the app it also has a redesigned UI which includes a new snapped view and portrait mode (at last!), you can search from Google’s All Access content and explorer the subscription music service. You can also create radio stations based on artists and genres.

The app works much better on smaller tablets and really is a great way of using Google Play music in Windows. There is no longer an add free version of the app, it’s now £2.59 from the Windows Store but there is a trial version available. If you are a Google Play Music user it’s well worth purchasing this app for your Windows device.

* Application redesign and rebranding (gMusicW -> outcoldplayer).
* No more ad-supported free version. Everybody who downloaded application before that and did not buy the ad-free package – get it for free.
* All Access search.
* All Access explore tab.
* Fully functional snapped view.
* Support portrait mode.
* Genres navigate to albums (to songs before).
* Create radio stations from artists and genres (only tracks were supported before).
* Better handling for song switching (can switch to next song if current is timing out)

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