The My Movies team have released the 5th pre-release of My Movies 5 for Windows. My Movies 5 for Windows brings together the server and Windows Media Center editions of My Movies into one package and this build has a nice long change log. To get the pre-release you have more than 2,500 points from .here are the release notes:

5.00 Pre Release 5:

IMPORTANT: The database server credentials handling have been changed. Due to this, it is very, very important that you create a database backup before installing this Pre Release.

Added: Folder.jpg storage setting, which was not merged from MM4 correctly.
Added: Dialog to configure external server credentials.

Change: The credentials system for the internal database have been changed.
Change: Dune paths are now always synced to the online service.
Change: Dune paths are now stored with other external credentials. This means that you must re-configure your Dune paths.
Change: There was some upcoming work on WDTV added to the software, which it should not have been. It have therefore been removed again.
Change: Server configuration is now stored in database.

Fix: Enable monitoring did not enable Apply button
Fix: Monitoring could cast alert about not being started because no user is logged in, even when monitoring was not enabled.
Fix: Previews did not contain covers.
Fix: Due to a missing file, external meta-data storage handlers was not included on WHS
Fix: Some issues with robustness of filestorage functions.
Fix: External storage handlers were broken, affecting XBMC storage.
Fix: Various issues with meta-data storage, due to the new file handling.
Fix: AnyDVD was listed as not registered, although it was.
Fix: AnyDVD statuses was off on X86 machines.
Fix: Change title did not work when searching for barcode.
Fix: Clean Tool (in Knowledge Base) updated to support SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012 installations.
Fix: Progress bar did not display SQL Server download progress on uninstall of prior SQL Server.
Fix: Some problems with caching covers in Windows Media Center
Fix: A failed restore could leave system in migration state it did not get out of.
Fix: Point issue where user could get information that they did not have a number of points that they actually did.

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