Good news for XBMC fans, we have the 2nd beta of OpenELEC 4.0 the embedded Media Center system based on XBMC. The refreshed beta has the usual bug fixes and includes a new build of XBMC Gotham beta. This release also fixes Airplay issues with iOS 7, fixes SSL support, addresses Bluetooth issues, wlan and DVB devices issues and fixes waking up issues.

You can get the new version from

This release includes some bugfixes and improvements since 3.95.1 (beta1). Besides the usual bugfixes and package updates as well the XBMC Gotham beta2 release we also added some fixes to fix Airplay issues with iOS 7 devices, fixed SSL support for XBMC’s internal ffmpeg, more firmwares for bluetooth, wlan and DVB devices, fixes for standby/wakeup issues on some systems and a fixed LIRC support for RPI’s GPIO remote receivers.

Updated and changed Components since OpenELEC-3.95.1 (summary)

update to xbmc-13-a1cab7a (Gotham Beta2)

update to xf86-video-nvidia-legacy-304.121

update to bcm2835-bootloader-11886b8

update to bcm2835-driver-11886b8

update to dvb-firmware-0.0.38

update to samba-3.6.23

update to systemd-211

update to bluez-5.16

update to wlan-firmware-0.0.17

update to xbmc-addon-xvdr-77a27f8

update to misc-firmware-0.0.9

update to linux-3.13.6

update to service.openelec.settings-0.3.12

xbmc: add PR4414

Fix ffmpeg build to include SSL support

disable wakeup for ‘ehci_pci’ and ‘xhci_hcd’ devices, this should fix some more standby issues

xbmc: 5 seconds to exit. no more

xbmc: init takes care of reboot and shutdown

start lircd via systemd, rework lircd_helper and udev rules, this should fix #2991, this should fix #2968

RPi//advancedsettings.xml: dont force omxplayer as default audio player

For a full changelog on what’s new, follow the link below:…3.95.2

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