Yesterday the BBC released a beta version of the new iPlayer experience which has a new look and feel and today the BBC have detailed the new version coming to TVs. The new version has a more TV like experience with EPG overlays over the playing TV show, there are new search features and there are new channel views.

The BBC are offering a preview of the new version, you will see a link to the new version on your TV if it’s one of the support devices:

We are bringing this preview to a range of TVs, games consoles and the Freesat with Freetime box. The list of devices to receive this preview includes:

Brand                         Type                      Year/Model

Sony                    TV                    2013

Sony                    Console            PS3, PS4

Samsung              TV                   2012 & 2013

Panasonic             TV                   2011, 2012 & 2013

LG                        TV                  2012 & 2013

Freesat                 Set top Box      Freetime

The BBC say that they are looking to bring the new version to HTML based “big screen devices” soon. Still no word on when the Xbox One version will be released.


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