Brian and the My Movies team have got another update to the new My Movies Window Store app. As ever with the My Movies team there are a lot of bug fixes in in the update plus there are also a couple of new features.

If you have the app running on a Window tablet you can shake the device and it will give you a random movie or TV to play, just don’t try it with your 21 inch all in one PC! Also added is a status label on lent out titles. There are plenty of bug fixes including fixing of connection issues with the desktop version of My Movies 5.

There is a trial version (limited to 50 titles) and the full version costs £4.99 from the Windows Store

Added: Shake to open random function for tablets.

Added: Out status label on lent-out titles.

Fix (On Service): Issue preventing some users to sync on slow networks, due to big files returned from service.

Fix: Various incoming user crash logs. If you receive a crash still, please be sure to report it.

Fix: Decimal numbers in personal data could display wrong for users with , as delimiter.

Fix: The device now retries title and cover loading three times before canceling in case of network instability.

Fix: Some languages did not get messages from server and actor data returned in correct language.

Fix: Issue when connecting to My Movies 5 Pre Release for video playback and download.

Fix: Title search was searching on original title only, and not local title.

Fix: Filtering on 3D did not work correct.

Fix: There was in some situations issues with changing between filters.

Fix: The alphabetic lists on sorting could lack special characters in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Russian.

Fix: If you changed cover size or actor amount during sync, you could get two syncs running at the same time

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