My Movies for the Windows Store was released this week and today the app has its first update. The main update seems to be the addition of a settings button due to use feedback which maybe highlights one of the issues with Windows 8. Most Window Store apps have their settings accessible via the settings charm which you access by swiping in from the right but the My Movies team have found that many users couldn’t find the settings section that way and so they have added the settings to the bottom menu.

One of the benefits of Windows 8 is the standard search and settings options for all apps but users don’t seem to universally like the UI style.

There is a trial version (limited to 50 titles) and the full version costs £4.99 from the Windows Store

Change: Added a settings button in the bottom menu, as many users had trouble locating settings using the standard Windows 8 method.


Fix: Users who had special characters in password could not log in.

Fix: Photo stretching on report of missing title and create title.

Fix: Data on manually created titles could not be edited.

Fix: Users on trial were notified of 50 title limit even before having 50 titles.

Fix: Users upgrading from trial needed to remove and re-install the application in some situations.

Fix: The green button on the WMC remote control had an incorrect function.

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