Google Play Music on Chrome OS

Google Play Music is currently my favourite music service, I have uploaded all my music to the service and subscribe to the All Access service. To update music you have to use Google’s Windows based uploader but Google have a new uploader that is browser based that means you don’t need the Windows app.

The feature which is hidden away (see below on how to enable) allows you to select folders on your local machine and then Chrome will upload the music and add them to your collection. It will also enable downloading of your own and purchased tracks to the local machine.

Also in the update is a new Mini Player Windows that you can control playback of Google Play Music without having to switch back to the browser.

To enable the new features you need to go the Labs section of Google Play Music (it’s on the settings menu) and then enable the Chrome Extension.

Once enabled you can click on the upload music option and it will ask you which folder you would like to upload your music from.


Once you have selected the folder it will go away and uploading the music and upload tracks added to this folder over time.

All in all it’s a nice update and simplifies the uploading music to Google Play Music

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