gMusic on a Surface RTIf you use Google Play Music and have a Windows 8 device you will want to check out gMusic for Windows. With the app you can play music from Google’s Play Music service, manage you playlist and even download them for offline playback. The latest update adds one of my favourite features “”I’m feeling lucky radio”, so hit the button and it will shuffle you collection and start playing. Also added is an option to block explicit songs, the ability to create radio stations from artists and albums and the ability to play shared playlists.

Also if you are not a subscriber to Google’s All Access it will show instant mixes instead of the radio stations (which require the subscriptions).

Even if you don’t subscribe to the music service it’s still a great service as you can upload all your own music to Google’s cloud and then stream it on your Android, iOS or Windows devices. The app is free with an in-app purchase option to remove the adverts.

Implement “Block explicit songs in radio.” settings (disabled by default). You can enable it in application settings.
Show radio list on start page.
Add support for “I’m feeling lucky radio/mix”.
For users without All Access mode show Instant Mixes instead of Radio.
Add ability to create radio from Artists and Albums.
Improved song statistics syncronization (Play Count, Last Played).
Add ability to play Shared playlists.

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