BubbleUPnP on Android

BubbleUPnP the Android Chromecast and DLNA app has been updated once again. The update has some useful fixes in it including solving XBMC video playback to Chromecast issues, fixes for FLAC downloads and fixes playback with the SoundCloud.

If you are looking to stream content from a DLNA server (or Android device) to a DNLA or Chromecast device this is well worth checking out. You can find the BubbleUPnP app in the Google Play Store.

What’s New

– fixed playing from SoundCloud app not working anymore

– fixed video download not also downloading subtitle if present

– fixed unplayable mp3 transcodes generated from FLAC downloads

– fixed some XBMC videos failing to play to Chromecast

– use OAuth2 for Dropbox authentication

– fixed Google Drive listing trashed files

– fixed old icon showing up on hdpi devices

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