AllCast for Android

If you have one of Google’s Chromecast devices plugged into your TV you now have another streaming option. With the updated AllCast app you can stream content from Dropbox to Chromecast, so you can stream a video stored in your Dropbox cloud directly to your TV.

The update also adds support for subtitles from a media server plus there are a couple of other bug fixes. There is a trial version with a 60 seconds preview limit in the Google Play Store and the full version costs £3.05 as an in-app purchase

What’s New

BETA: Subtitle support for Chromecast when streaming from a media server (ie, Serviio with srt files)

BETA: Stream from Dropbox (requires Dropbox app to be installed)

Chromecast letterbox is now black instead of grey

Roku playback fixes: now supports fast forward and rewind. Seek bar is hidden.

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