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A couple of updates for Skype today. First the Windows 8.1 has been updated again, you can now add a contact directly from the People Hub in the Windows and you can now filter people by their status.

Also in a blog post today on the Skype blog Skype have explained how the chat experience is going to be improved when using multiple devices. In the past messages would be missing on some devices and other times they would turn up much later (sometimes days). The blog post explains that push notifications will make sure Skype chats synced across devices including read messages. They also say that other chat improvements are in the works including only receiving message notifications on a device you are actually using rather than all of your device and reduction battery drain. They don’t say if the if the problem of incoming call notification syncing on multiple devices will be sorted.

The updated all is in the Windows Store and more details about changes coming to Skype on the Skype Blog.


What’s new: – It is easier to add a contact – add someone directly from your People Hub. – It is easier to filter contacts by their status. Just select the People link and filter by offline or online. – Improved accessibility

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