MX Player on Android

MX Player the play anything video app for Android has been updated. The updated app supports cover art and adds subtitle gestures. Also extra codec packages are no longer required for ARMv6, MIPS and x86 devices. Plus there are fixes for crashes on Intel Atom CPU devices.

The app is free from Google Play and there is a premium version which removes the advertising.

What’s New

Recognize cover arts.

Added subtitle up/down/zoom gestures.

Additional ARMv6 VFP, MIPS, and x86 codec package is not required anymore for Google play edition.

Make a workaround for crash on some Asus Android 4.3 devices using Intel Atom CPU.

Added three soft button display options for Android 4.4 on Settings > Player > Screen > Soft buttons.

Added folder hiding feature which allows excluding specific folders from the video folder list while keeping upper folders unchanged.


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