MediaPortal 1.7.0 Pre Release has been released containing some new features and bug fixes. Most of the changes are under the covers and are designed to improve the stability of the MediaPortal going forward. The installer has been improved, there are enhancements to the TV and Video OSDs plus Wake On LAN has been added so MediaPortal can wake your sever when you need a file stored on it.

While this is labelled pre-release the developers say it’s extremely stable so feel free to have a play with it.

We are very happy to present you the Pre Release version of MediaPortal 1.7.0 today. This release includes a number of new features and bug fixes. These new features need a lot of testing to make sure everything works fine. Please report any problems in the bug reporting sections of the forum. Oh, and enjoy it! We are calling this a pre release, but it is very stable.


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