SiliconDust’s HD HomeRun are network enabled TV tuners that you can use with services like Windows Media Center and DVBLink and this week they have launched an Android app. HDHomeRun VIEW is an Android app that you can use to watch live TV on your Android device. It was possible to watch TV from a HDHome Run via DLNA but this is dedicated app that supports watching live cable and free to air TV including premium channels. You can navigate the channel list and switch between HDHomeRun servers.

Currently the HDHomeRun PRIME, HDHomeRun 4DC (DVB-C) and HDHomeRun PLUS (ATSC) are supported which mean I can’t use my DVB-T HDHomeRun at the moment but they do say that support for additional models will be added over time.

The app costs £1.20 from the Google Play Store.

• Live Cable TV and Free to Air TV viewing on your phone or tablet
• QAM cable channels, even Premium Content such as HBO, Showtime, & etc. *
• Navigate channel list with Channel logos and Program posters (requires device registration)
• No external player needed to download
• Fast Channel changes
• Pinch / Zoom to adjust channel list
• Volume, Brightness and Zoom controls on screen with a single tap
• Menu access to switch between HDHomeRun servers (for those with both Cable and Free to Air devices on the same home network)
• Does NOT require an always on computer

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