Fancy your own website? If you do here is a way to do it that does not require you to be a programmer.

This program uses a wizard to enable you to create your own website. This I have to be honest you will need to read the user manual and they do use a few technical terms that I had to look up so I understood the questions I was being asked.

You have to make decisions such as what template you want to choose from a wide range. Then decisions such as where your menu should appear.
So I’d recommend starting with the video tutorial.

Once you’ve watched that start yourself a wizard by clicking start. This will then take you into the wizard and you can either start a new project or update an existing one.

You fill in things such as your website address (there is a year’s free web hosting included in the package), key terms to it which can be used for search engine optimising. You then select your template.

You then move onto site map creation which is where you have your pages to set up. You can add new pages and set up the pages settings.

Then onto your page creation where you add in your text pictures etc. This bit can be a bit puzzling and there are all the pages shown divided into 4. It however is not immediately obvious that you can actually just select to have say half the page as text etc. Get creative pop in your pictures and text and at this stage you can really see it take shape. The template did have some default pictures and I could not see how to remove the original picture. I ended up pasting mine over the top so a few more clues at this point would be helpful.

Then you have advance settings to do with menus, RSS feeds etc.

Then export your page and “go live”

Scary you created your own website and I can’t program a remote control.
So other than having to look up a couple of bits and not following a couple of things it was all quite straightforward. So if you fancy creating your own website this is a way for a novice to give it a go if you don’t mind reading the manual a bit.

If you want a more technical view on the product Garry covered the professional version over at