PressPlay is a great app for watching video on a Windows 8 device. It will play MP4,MKV and FLV files and it supports subtitle playback. The app has just been updated adding support for Windows 8.1 as well as subtitle improvements. Windows 8.1 support means the snap view works betting in split screen mode and any size you scale it to.

The app is free and available from the Windows Store and well worth giving a try.



– Update for Windows 8.1

– Subtitles: Change font size and support SAMI (.smi) format


– Save the media player’s settings permanently

– More fine-grained media controls

– Load subtitles embedded in MP4 files

– Other minor improvements


– Experimental support for MKV and FLV files

– Many visual and functional improvements


– Initial release (explorer, media player, captions, advanced controls)

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