Nokia do a great job developing apps for Windows Phone extending the functionally of the platform making and making selecting a Windows Phone manufacture pretty easy (as my podcast co-hosts reminds me each time I bemoan the lack of apps on my HTC Windows Phone). The latest addition to its range of apps is a Folder app.

The Folder app is an app you can pin to your start screen and have selected apps arranged in folders. You can pick whatever folders you want and name it how you like. It seems a great idea and a good way of arranging your start screen. The app works on any Nokia Lumia Windows Phone and is free from the Windows Phone Store. I am not going to mention the app on next week’s podcast as I know what @databasejase will say!

Tidy up your Start screen and make things easier to find with App Folder. You can gather similar apps together or keep your most used settings in one place – it’s up to you. Simply create and name a folder, add the apps and settings you want, and then pin it to your Start screen. You can create as many app folders as you need and edit them as you go.

App Folder helps you sort your Start screen your way.

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