Brian Binnerup and the My Movies team have released an updated version to the iOS version of the My Movies app. The updated app adds an option to return to the wooden shelve styling in the app. Now you have the option of the new while style or the older wooden style. It’s something we discussed on the podcast last week, Garry preferred the wooden style so good to see it being an option. Also in the update are fixes to the scanning processes, fixes to Blu-ray covers and fixes to sorting issues.

The app comes in two version, a free version a free limited version and a full featured paid version.


We have added legacy gray and wooden shelve graphics back into the application per many requests, it can be set in Settings, Interface Customization.

The legacy shelve graphics does not fit well into the iOS 7 design, and designers are working hard on a dark look as well, as an alternative to the white, while users who prefer the legacy shelve graphics still will be able to keep that.


– The latest update contained an issue scanning on some devices.
– Blu-ray covers could be shown with DVD cover looks. Contact us for help if you have this problem, as it is part of the already updated data.
– Sorting issues when sorting by options that required sub-sorting.

Various other minor fixes.

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