It’s been a busy few weeks for Media Browser, we had the new live TV features, an updated Windows Media Center addin and today a new Media Browser app for Windows 8.1. The updated app has improved streaming settings, support for subtitles and support for different audio tracks.

With the app you can stream movies, TV shows and music from a Media Browser server on your network. It supports Play To, a live tile and can be used as a remote control. The app costs £3.19 from the Windows Store.



This update include:
Improved streaming settings.
Support for subtitles
Support for different audio tracks

2 thoughts on “Media Browser for Windows 8 updated”
  1. The claim that the MediaBrowser App is supporting Play To is a bit misleading. It supports MediaBrowser’s idea of “Play To” – that is, you can use the App to play media to an instance of MediaBrowser Classic running on another PC. However, it does not fully support Microsoft’s “Play To” capability in Windows.

    There’s a bug, which I reported two months ago, and which is still present in the latest version.

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