Last week I wrote about the live TV features coming Media Browser and yesterday the Media Browser server was updated to include the TV features. Media Browser’s TV features use a plugin architecture and at launch the first plugin is for Windows Media Center. Once setup you can view the EPG, watch live TV and schedule recordings, also the web client works well on a mobile browser so you could schedule recordings when your away from home.

Other things in development include a PVR plugin, Argus TV and DVBLink support. The development team are still looking for developers to help them with the new plugins and if you are interested in helping out head to their forums.

Also in the updated server are improvements to the transcoding service which reduces CPU usage and direct streaming so if your device and browser supports mp4s then Media Browser will send the file direct without transcoding.

Download links and more images on the Media Browser forum. If you haven’t used Media Browser before now is a good time to give it a try, there are apps for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.


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