Xbian is a great XBMC distribution for the Raspberry Pi and up to now the only way to use it was by downloading the whole image from Xbian but that has changed. You can now install Xbian like any other software package on the Raspberry Pi. You can install it on a Debian based system and it’s been tested on the Raspbian distribution from the Raspberry Pi foundation.

Xbian have step by step instruction on how to install Xbian on Debian so now you can your favourite XBMC distro on with your favourite Debian build.

From now on, you have the option to get / install and use XBian like any other 3rd party software enhancement or additional software package. Install it on debian based distribution (currently approved & tested Raspbian) with the proper way as collection of standard .deb packages, from our own repository and by standard Debian tools designed for that.

For more information and 6 easy steps prepared for you and simple copy & paste read post on our forum.

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