Today I have a big update for my Windows Flickr app. Flickr Upload for Windows 8.1 has a new photo gallery feature where you can browse your collection of Flickr photos, search by name or description and view photos by date range.

Using Play To you can send photos to a DLNA devices like a TV or Xbox and view them on the big screen. You can also share photos via the Windows apps like Twitter, Mail and Facebook. The app also creates embed codes for photos so you can embed your photos into a blog post, you can pick which size of photo to embed. Photos can be uploaded from the local network, local drive, SD card or SkyDrive.

If you use Flickr and have a Windows 8.1 device this is the easiest way to upload and view your Flickr photos. The app is free from the Windows Store, if you use the app please let me know how you get on with it.
Get the app from the Windows Store.


Upload photos and pictures to Flickr from your PC or Tablet
Browse your collection of uploaded photos directly from the app.
Share your photos to Twitter, Facebook, email or other apps.
View your pictures on a DLNA device like a TV or Xbox using Play To
Search for pictures or view by date range
You can set the photo title, description and if its publicly visible.
The app creates embed codes for placing photos into a blog post or on a website, with the choice of photo sizes
The app uses Flickr’s oAuth authentication and does not store your Flickr user ID/password


  • Upload you photo to Flickr
  • Browse your collection of uploaded photos
  • Share Flickr photos via Twitter, Facebook, Email or to a DLNA device
  • Pictures can be on the local drive, SkyDrive, SD card or network
  • Search from your collection of photos
  • View your photos by date range

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