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It’s that time of month for another Raspbmc update. The XBMC distribution for the Raspberry Pi has been updated and includes a fix for booting issues with the SD cards, an updated web browser, improved support for USB soundcards, an updated HDMI-CEC library and other fixes.

Raspbmc makes the little Raspberry Pi into a very powerful media center system. More details of the update and the download links on raspbmc.com.

  • Fixed an issue where SD cards were not ready at boot
  • Updated web browser:
    • Fix issues with date and time
    • Allow static wired networking configuration (WiFi is still pending)
    • Update kernel for performance
    • Fix issues where closing or quitting the browser would not go back to Raspbmc
  • Added traditional ‘rootdelay’ option to initramfs to allow custom waiting time for device if truly necessary
  • Added ALSA for SoC audio support. This allows you to use high quality external sound cards such as the HiFiBerry Mini via I2S. This eliminates some of the problems with USB soundcards such as occasional popping.
  • Silence rpcbind message on reboot
  • Resolve issues with WiFi installs not completing correctly
  • Updated CEC library for better TV set support and bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where external soundcard support in Raspbmc Settings was not toggling properly
  • Do not broadcast CEC init when booting so the TV only receives one CEC source from XBMC
  • Install using F2FS filesystem on USB drives <=64GB (as F2FS is a filesystem optimised for flash drives). Unfortunately F2FS does not allow us to use UUID labels, which means you will need to ensure your USB drive is in the top USB port. You can also fall back to the original ext4 filesystem: simply create a file called ‘ext4′ on the fat32 partition before installing.
  • Updated standalone image to the latest kernel, filesystem and XBMC version
  • Updated NOOBS image to the latest kernel, filesystem and XBMC version
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