The My Movies team have released the final version of My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.06. There are a lot of changes since 4.05, improved event handling, WakeOnLan, improved remote support and lots lots more.

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My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.06

Added: WakeOnLan option, to wake NAS devices or PC’s at launch of My Movies or on Playback (Requires 2500 points).
Added: EventHandler functions for remote control volume up, down and mute, when using mobile application as remote control for Windows Media Center (Requires 2500 points).
Added: EventHandler for volume control on IP controllable receivers from Onkyo, Integra, Denon, Yamaha, Pioneer and Marantz.
Added: Remote Event Handler for JVC D-ILA Projectors.
Added: Mi Casa Verde Event Handler for Lights and Curtain Controls.
Added: EventHandler functions for reacting to remote green button presses, power on or off, or when powered on from remote device.
Added: Event handling functionality updated for handling of power scenarios, main movie and credits start handling for device power and light control functionalities.
Added: Sony Remote Control handler for volume controls
Added: Mouse control commands to data service, for new mobile applications.
Added: Remote Bridge option, where a My Movies server can act as bridge between our mobile applications and Dune players, allowing for Event Handlers to catch power, play and volume events.
Added: Philips TV Remote Control handler for volume controls
Added: Extended logging to help debug an OutOfMemory usage issue that some users are having.
Added: New API commands for TV Series and improved support for browsing interfaces.
Added: Option to edit mobile locations for a title.
Added: Option for event handlers to receive aspect ratio on playback

Change: Blu-ray titles did not mark chapter reading as improveable, despite you have been able to read these for a while.
Change: Higher timeout on refresh rate changing in configuration, as some screens did not display before it reverted.
Change: The view in Media Center now updates when disc is inserted or ejects, without leaving and re-entering the application.
Change: The backdrop fade in is now disabled by default.
Change: Order of players used by “Play Disc” in menu changed to TMT6, TMT5, PowerDVD.
Change: Improved speed of calls for download of converted titles.
Change: Cover options stored is changed and requires a re-creation process.
Change: AnyDVD handling have been changed due to changes in AnyDVD
Change: The prompt that you cannot install from a user account with same name as machine name is now moved to not affect upgrades.

Fix: Check for Server Essentials gave installation issues on Windows XP.
Fix: The update status dialog, and the import folder result dialog could have issues with large lists.
Fix: Space did not work in text boxes in Windows Media Center.
Fix: Audio key on remote did not work when ArcSoft TMT was playing.
Fix: DVD Menu button sent top menu button, now sends popup menu button as original remote when TMT is playing.
Fix: Folder monitoring had a problem with removing and re-adding titles on USB drives.
Fix: Importing actors from IMDB was broken.
Fix: Collection Management install did not add firewall exception for data service.
Fix: Facebook login after unannounced facebook URL change.
Fix: Mobile paths with ‘ characters could cause issue when updating profiles.
Fix: DTS-HD logo did not display on some meta-data templates.
Fix: There was a problem reading the state of ArcSoft TMT in some situations.
Fix: TV Series update check now handles season and backdrop images correctly.


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