The My Movies team have an update to the iOS version of their app and it’s the biggest update to the UI since the app launched. The app has a new very polished iOS 7 style look and feel to it and some interesting new features. It has direct playback of mp4 files from the Home server version of the app, background images on movie details view, improved parental controls, improved remote control options with Windows Media Center and improvements to the scanning features. There a lot of other updates to the app which comes in two version, a free version a free limited version and a full featured paid version.

Release Notes:

– Direct playback of converted MP4 files from My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution.
– Backdrop display on movie details page on background. Use two finger pinch to see full.
– Direct group display button, defaulting to only display owned or rented titles. Allowing for better separation of wish lists.
– Reset/clear database option.
– Lock for editing option as part of parental controls.
– Prefer original title option to display original title over normal title.
– Many new sort options, including genre and director.
– Option to change text on Facebook and Twitter postings.
– New fields on list customization.
– Scanner updates to provide more detailed feedback.
– IMDB app is opened instead of IMDB website if installed on IMDB links.
– TrackPad/Mouse as part of Windows Media Center remote control.
– Large update to Windows Media Center remote control, with Wake On Lan and suspend options.
– Large update to Dune remote control, with power on/off functions.
– Remote control devices can now be mixed, if you have both WMC and Dune devices.
– Remote control can now through event handlers on Windows software power on and off other devices, control lights and much more.

Many more minor changes!

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