The 4th alpha of MediaPortal 2 has been released for testing. The MediaPortal team say while they are still labelling it an alpha its seems to be working well and will probably be the last alpha before the beta release.

This release contains improvements to the media library navigation and layouts plus the menus have been simplified. The performances of the GUI, media imports and video thumbnail creations has been improved. Also some of the plugins have been updated and there are new plugins available (like the HDMI-CEC modual)

You can download MediaPortal 2 from the Media Portal site.

  • Improved user experience:
    • Major improvements to Media Library navigation and layouts, user selections are now saved and reused the next time. This affects filter, sorting and layout of each screen.
    • Reduced complexity in Media Library menu items, moved filters into own dialog.
    • Added support for browsing Media Library shares by filesystem structure.
    • Improved GUI performance due to newly added VirtualizingWrapPanel (which reduces memory required and speeds up display because only visible items are allocated).
    • Improved media importing performance.
    • Improved video thumbnail creation.
    • Improved database performance with no size limits due to SQLite as new default database.
  • Fixes
    • Browsing network shares could fail under certain cases.
    • Some minor fixes in the MediaPortal UPnP library.
  • Updated plugins
    • OnlineVideos plugin is included in this release.
    • SlimTV plugin (both NativeTV and MPExtended) has been significantly improved for Alpha 4 release.
    • WebRadio plugin to play your favourite web radio streams inside MP2!

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