Google Play Music on Android

Google have updated the Android Google Play Music. The Android app adds support for storing music on SD cards for devices running KitKat, if you device has an SD card you can select it for storing the downloaded music. It’s a handy option to have as your phones internal storage can get full pretty quickly and I pin lots of my music to save on mobile charges when I am out and about. If your device doesn’t have an SD you will not see the option.

Also added to the update is the ability to shuffle all songs from an artist if you have a music subscription and they have made it easier to share to social networks

You can find the app in the Google Play Store.

What’s New


* SD card support for offline music on KitKat (Experimental support on some older devices)

* Added ability to shuffle all songs from an artist in All Access

* Made it easy to share links of songs, artists and albums to your favorite social networks

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