Demand 5 for Windows Store
Channel 5 have an updated Windows Store version of the Demand 5 app. The updated version supports Windows 8.1 with a new live title, integrated search, it remembers the show you last watched, auto play of the next episodes and a new Snap view. You can also pin an episode or TV series, so it creates a dedicated live tile for the episode or series which is a great idea and one of the first TV apps I have seen make use of pinning in this way.

The app is free from the Windows Store.


The Windows 8.1 version of the Demand 5 application has brand new features not available in previous versions:

– Live tiles (see latest available shows on your hub page)
– Integrated search (search is now contained within the Demand 5 app)
– Variable snap view (app can be made any width alongside another app)
– Pinnable shows (pin your favourite series or individual shows to the hub page)
– Last watched (remembers the last shows you watched for easy reference)
– Auto-play of next episode (watch a series in one sitting without having to start each episode manually!)


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