Google’s Chromecast is a $35 HDMI dongle that enables streaming of content from Chrome and Android and so far only a handful of apps have made use of it. Today Plex have announced they have added Chromecast support to Plex. Chromecast streaming has been added to the iOS, Android and web versions of Plex (for Plexpass subscribers at the moment) and you need the latest version of the media server. Then you can send your content from an iOS or Android device to the Chromecast dongle connected to your TV.

So far the Chromecast dongle hasn’t been released in the UK.

We’re excited to be launching today with support for Chromecast on iOS, Android, and on the web! We have support for video, and we’ll be releasing support for casting photos and music very shortly. Note that for an initial period, the Chromecast feature is only available to our beloved PlexPass users, who get exclusive access to many new features.

Make sure you have the latest media server installed, and go have fun with your Chromecast! And if you use Android, make sure you have the latest Plex for PlexPass release or download it from our forums.

Via the Plex Blog.

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