Xbox Music on Windows 8.1

Microsoft have updated the Xbox Music app that ships with Windows 8.1. The release notes say there is a brand new user experience, which is exactly what they said on the last update. The only difference this time is that the you can redeem Microsoft gift cards from the app and Microsoft say it’s simpler to buy albums and songs from the app.

The other changes in the release notes mention sharing via the share charm and new search features are actually from the last update.

Key updates include:
It’s now simpler to buy the albums and songs you want to keep forever. You can redeem Microsoft gift cards, too!

A brand new user experience makes it easier and more fun to find music in your collection, listen to radio, and explore the Xbox Music catalogue

Search is always accessible – just start typing! A new way of showing results makes it easier to find what you’re looking for

Pause and play with a single tap from the new always-visible playback controls

Snap the app and have fun multi-tasking while you listen

For quick access, find your playlists the now playing list in the left-hand menu

Use the Share Charm in Windows 8.1 to share any webpage to Xbox Music – we’ll look for music on it and make you a playlist

Manage what shows up in your in your Windows music library, directly in the app

Perf improvements make it faster to start the app

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