WP_20131029_034 Yes you know your children steal your phone and they look with envy at your headphones but they will just turn up the volume with no idea of the damage they are doing.

So how do you maintain your sanity from the continual bleep of the video games and DVD you are sick of hearing(26 watches of the same film is not normal is it?). Then the children’s nursery rhymes that you thought were cute in the shop but have now lost their appeal?

This is an ingenious solution a set of headphones for children that have the volume limited. No matter how much they turn up the sound on their device the sound level will remain low. It is fixed at 85dB which is considered to be a safe limit for protecting hearing.

These are aimed at 3 years and up but some commentator have tried them with children as young as 2.

I have to be honest that they fit my head and no expansion is needed so I did wonder if they would be too big for a child but this does not seem to be an issue.

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They have a good sound range that will more than happily meet a child’s needs. An audiophile might pick at them but they are not aimed at that audience.

You have no worries that ‘in ear’ headphones would give you of your little darlings pushing them too far in the ear.

These are a cute animal design to attract the child, the ones I have on test are the penguin design but there is a frog design too.

Given that many factories now test hearing of 16 year olds when they start work and find in many that it is already significantly damaged due to a lack of understanding of the danger of loud sound through headphones this would be a good way to protect your children from themselves at a young age. Once they hit teenage years that will be a battle of wills for you to do!

As a regular flyer I along with many others would support the use of these. 8-20 hours trapped next to a parent who has no idea that their child’s video game played at full volume is likely to generate air rage. Not to mention the train commuters who are subjected to the children on trains playing games and mp3’s with complete lack of consideration for others.

Just a shame that they don’t make these for teenagers in a design you could persuade them to wear…it would save a lot of hearing loss that is already known to be a creeping epidemic.

Personally I was impressed and I already use a volume limiter that is built into my MP3. Now I took that up to the max with these headphones. I then plugged in another pair of headphones without changing the volume. The first thing I did was take the non Kazoo headphones out of my ears as far too loud. So this technology works and is cute and appealing you young children.

So a serious recommendation for parental sanity and children’s hearing safety!

The KaZoo headphones are £14.99 from www.currys.co.uk / www.pcworld.co.uk

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