My Movies for Windows Home Server
My Movies is a great system for storing and cataloguing your movie collection and the Home and Essentials Server version will automatically store your Bluray movies but there are times when you don’t want the full disc image and you want a small and more portable file type. The My Movies team are testing automated MKV conversion of DVD or Bluray titles so it will extract the movie including audio tracks from the movie and store it on your My Movies server, it will also handle TV series.

The My Movies team are looking for feedback from testers so if have My Movies Home and Essential Server edition and are interested in giving it a try head over to and read the notes.

In our Home and Essentials Software, we have been working on fully automated creations of lossless MKV files through our video converter.

For this, we would love your feedback, and comments on titles you have that does not work, or does not convert as expected.

Please read our KnowledgeBase article on the implementation, and how to provide feedback before downloading:

Having read the article, the download is available here:

We look forward to hearing your inputs.

Users who do not have the required points for the video converter function may create a trial here: – if you have already used your trial option, contact [email protected] for it to be reset.


Brian Binnerup

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