My Movies for Home and Essentials Server has been updated. Version 2.14 Pre Release 6 has new lossless MKV ripping features so it can rip MKV files automatically and store the files on your My Movies server. There is also the option of setting the video format as MP4,MKV or any other format the converter supports so you can have the automatic rip in any format you want.

There are bug fixes and other improvements in the build. More information and the download on

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.14 Pre Release 6

Added: Lossless MKV option for video converter, allowing to copy to lossless MKV files.
Added: Option of setting disc copier target to video converter, allowing for directly copying to MP4 files, MKV files, or any other file supported by the video converter.
Added: Advanced configuration options to control disc ejections.
Added: Update allowing installer files to contain a display name, in case the company changed name.

Change: The video converter now features improved internal options for detecting the main movie of copied movie titles based on the running time setting in the profiles meta-data.
Change: The video converter now uses a main movie marking on the meta-data profile when converting movie discs, allowing users to override the automatic detection, and contribute that setting to the online service.

Fix: Facebook login after unannounced Facebook URL change
Fix: Issue with audio discs being handled multiple times.
Fix: Removing media streaming requirement, allowing for support on Server Essentials R2

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