Microsoft have launched a web based version of its Xbox Video store. The app has the same content as the Xbox and Windows versions of the app, there is a movie store and a TV store. You can browse the store by category and view your collection of purchased videos. There are reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and trailers. Prices are the same as the app versions of the store, around £3.95 for a movie rental.

Video playback uses Silverlight and it worked fine for me in Internet Explorer and Chrome. It’s a good way of opening up the Xbox Video store to more devices, I should say it won’t play video on a device without Silverlight but you can browse and purchase content.

The web version doesn’t support HD playback:

HD Quality playback is not currently supported on the Web and Windows Phone
Your purchase will play in SD quality. Xbox Video on Windows 8.1 and Xbox One supports HD quality playback.

Have a look for yourself at

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