Google have announced a YouTube app for the Xbox One. The app enables watching of YouTube videos on the Xbox One, you can view your subscriptions and see trending videos. The app also makes use of the Xbox One voice controls so you can say “YouTube” and control play, pause and fast forward. Gestures are also supported, you can grab the screen to scroll through videos.

Google refused to allow Microsoft’s in-house developed Windows Phone 8 Youtube app so Microsoft had to resort to a web shortcut instead, but there doesn’t seem to be any issues here (I will leave other to speculate why).

Details from the YouTube Blog:

Love YouTube? Love Xbox? You can now watch your favorite videos and channels with the YouTube app for Xbox One. Check out videos in 1080p glory (Slip and Slide LAUNCH RAMP anyone?), catch the latest videos from your subscriptions like Polaris, or see trending videos from categories like Music and Sports.

The YouTube app for Xbox One also makes it easier to find and watch whatever you want:

Voice – Control the app just by saying “YouTube” wherever you are in the app. Commands like play, pause, and fast forward will instantly pop up on screen.

Gesture – Grab the screen to scroll through videos, and use your hand to pick which one you want to watch.


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