Sky Go on iOS

Sky’s On Demand selection is pretty impressive but it’s a pain when you find something you want to watch and kicked off the download to then have it using up all your bandwidth as it brings down the HD show. Sky’s latest update is going to make it a little more flexible, they are adding remote downloading of shows available when you are out and about to the iOS app. With your iPhone or iPad you will be able to browse downloadable content over the internet and set it off downloading remotely so you can pick shows to watch while you’re at the office and they should be ready for you when you get home.

Sky are switching the features on over the next few weeks and it will prompt you when your box has the update. The app is available from the iTunes Store.

What’s New in Version 4.6

We’ve made some changes to the settings of the app to enable us to switch on some new features in a few weeks. Once these have been switched on and you have the latest software update on your Sky+HD box you’ll be able to:

– Download On Demand shows to your Sky+HD box when you’re out and about
– Browse the Showcase section of On Demand when you’re not at home

You’ll get a message in the Sky+ app when these have been activated and you can start using them

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